Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ellen Paige: All About Green

In this photo, Ellen Paige is sporting a green dress. The color green is one of the biggest trends for Fall 2010, as discussed in one of my pervious postings. Ellen Paige is a prime example of a brunette, who looks stunning in the color green, a wonderful color for brunettes. Some places where you can find your trendy green dress, for the up and coming season are: Target, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, and Victoria Secrets’ online shopping. Go out shopping today and buy yourself a green dress to spice up your wardrobe!

Also to keep things simple and to not concern yourself with finding the right shade of green shoes to go with your trendy dress, just don a pair of black peep toe high heels.

Make A Statement with Glitter Eye Makeup

A fun and fabulous makeup trend for fall 2010 is glitter eye makeup! If you are a fun loving person and like to attract attention as well as make a statement, then you should really try this trend for the up and coming season. Urban Decay is just one of the brands that makes great glitter eye makeup products. It has a wonderful selection of glitter eye shadows as well as liquid glitter eyeliners. Urban Decay’s Naked Platte has vibrant glitter eye shadows ranging from light to dark shades. This assortment of eye shadow colors gives you a diverse selection for day or evening wear. Urban Decay’s liquid glitter eyeliner worn in conjunction with its glitter eye shadow is a creative way to have a dressy, fun look for a night out on the town. You can purchase Urban Decay products at Sephora and Ulta, so go to either one of these stores and pick up your Urban Decay Naked Platte as well as Urban Decay’s liquid glitter eyeliner, and you will be set to experiment with different colors of glitter eye looks.

Leather Equals Sexy

Leather is one of this fall seasons biggest trends, everything from leather clothing to leather accessories. Don’t be surprised to see leather skirts, pants, shorts and capes. Leather is going to a big hit this season as it is viewed as edgy and sexy! Hermes will be showcasing many different leather pieces from purses to shoes. Another designer big on leather this season is Dolce and Gabbana, especially their leather purses. They have a huge collection of assorted colored, leather purses. Additionally, in Nordstrom you can find leather items from jackets, to skirts, as well as large assortment of leather accessories including purses. When shopping look for the latest leather trends and pick yourself up a new piece of leather clothing or an accessory to add to your wardrobe.

Katy Perry: (Sequin Dress)

In this photo, Katy Perry does a superb job of displaying the trend of sparkle for fall 2010. If you refer back to my pervious post, I wrote about how sequins are in this season. Sequin dresses are great for a party or for a night out on the town.

To get the look that Katy Perry is showing off, without spending a lot of money, you can find a comparable sequin dress at Forever 21 and/or Wet Seal. However, if your budget allows, you can find beautiful, high quality, sequin dresses at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Shopbop.

To accessorize your dress, add a simple pair of pumps as worn by Katy Perry.
If you don’t own a pair, simple pumps in all different heights, are carried in just about every shoe store.

Fifties (Hourglass, Pencil Skirt, Cleavage, just to name a few):

One of the biggest trends for the fall season is the 1950`s look. This look is all about showing off the hourglass figure. Creating that famous hourglass figure is being accomplished by donning pencil skirts and/or hourglass figured dresses. The fifties look is complete with floral and checkered prints. Some places to find these aspired looks from the 1950`s are to rummage through your closet or your parents’ closet. If you do not succeed, stores carrying the fifties look are Bebe, Guess, Belks and Nordstrom.

Grunge Make up

One of the makeup trends for this fall/winter season is the Grunge Makeup trend. This popular trend in the 1990`s is now making a come back. The tones used to create this look are deep in color and are paired with edgy, daring makeup application techniques. Smokey dark eyes are a major focus of this trend. The lips that go along with this look are light in color or nude or sometimes even dark in color. The eyeliner is heavy and detailed. The eyes; however, are the biggest focus for this makeup trend / look. A celebrity who portrays, perfectly, the Grunge Makeup trend is Courtney Love. Some brands that make profound, deep tones in eye shadows are M.A.C and Urban Decay.

Lindsay Lohan: Day to Night

The look that Lindsay Lohan is sporting is great for either a day at class or a day at work. For the evening, just remove the jacket and you have a dressier outfit for a night out on the town. The leather skirt Lindsay is wearing is one of the trends for fall 2010, as leather is big this year. The black jacket with the skirt with a pop of bright color is a classy and stylish look.

You can find at Express and Bebe a jacket and leather skirt similar to the one Lindsay is wearing in the photo. Places you can find a blouse similar to the one Lindsay is wearing are Guess, Express, Limited, and the Junior Department in Nordstrom.